Myth #1 – Someday my prince will come

This week, I’m making it my mission to bring you the truth about all the really important stuff. Forget WikiLeaks, forget Edward Snowden, I’m going to don my superhero cape and get to the bottom of the stuff that really matters. It’ll be like Jeremy Kyle after a course of HRT.

Myth #1 – Someday my prince will come

When I was in my late twenties my friend’s eight year old daughter, Daisy, pointedly handed me a sticker that said ‘Someday day my prince will come’. I dutifully stuck it on my fridge, where it stayed until the fridge got carried away to its final resting place a couple of years ago.

I’m forty one now, and my prince still hasn’t come. Either it’s all a load of bunkum, mercilessly exploited by Disney with the aim of selling everything from princess dresses to Disney branded bog brushes, or prince charming has got lost on spaghetti junction, and as we speak is charging back and forth on his noble steed trying valiantly to get through the roadworks on the M6.

I suspect it’s the latter.


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